Sweet and Hot !

This month let me introduce to you from Moscow, something sweet and delicious …

The Marshmallows are a hugely exciting group on the Russian rock’n’roll scene. The musicians comprise a guitar, bassist and drummer, but it is the other 3 members of the 6-piece who are the real stars:
They are 3 beautiful young Russian female singers, who perform excellent 50’s style rock’n’roll. They’re brilliant. They’re a real phenomenon on the rockin’ scene here.

This month I’m gonna present the bulk of my article in a different way …

Nadya Kunareva, who is one of these 3 fabulous singers, wrote a piece for me for this article, describing the style and the history of the band. I could never have written it so well. All I had to do was translate it for you from her Russian text ! So here is Nadya’s presentation of the band, written in a way only a beautiful, intelligent young Russian woman can …

“Marshmallows – the immodest charm of a rock’n’roll:

Allow me to present, on the Moscow scene, a rock’n’roll collective in the authentic 50s style.
Fronting the band are a trio of bright vocalists, delightful to the naked eye – Masha Nosova, Julia Chuguev and myself Nadya Kunareva. We are backed by the strong shoulders of 3 young men, our musicians: Dmitriy Smagin (guitar), Andrey Laptev (drums) and Vladimir Manturov (contrabass).

If you aren’t indifferent to model pin-up posters and your heart warms to the sound of a needle rustling on an old vinyl playing rockabilly, swing, rock’n’roll, country, boogie and a heap of other incendiary rhythms … If such icons as Imelda May, Brenda Lee, Wanda Jackson or Janis Martin are not just names to you … And if you not against spending an evening in the company of charming young women who prefer scarlet lipstick and high heels as their style of fashion – then Welcome to Party Marshmallows !

The Marshmallows began in 2011 and made an immediate impact on the Russian scene. For those “who like it hot”, this band is for you – we express music, power, mood and pleasure. We play the biggest rock’n’roll venues in Russia, particularly at our home base in Moscow. We are regular performers at such venues as Radio City, Bilingua, Café Blues, Chicago, Glastonberry, the Double Bourbon and the Esse Jazz Café.

Why the name “Marshmallows” ? Because we are like small air pillows with a rich taste. And above all because we believe all marshmallows should be heated up and served hot. We like it hot !”

Thankyou, Nadya. All three of the vocalists are thankfully free of the egotism that accompanies some female singers –
“How many female vocalists does it take to change a light bulb ?
One. She holds the bulb and the world revolves around her.”

Have a look at the Marshmallows yourself and see what you think. Go to their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MarshmallowsMoscow?ref=ts&fref=ts or check them out on youtube – type “Marshmallows rock’n’roll” in the search box.

The Marshmallows, hot music with a soft centre !
Richard Hume