This is a test

The lady and man stand facing each other. The man’s left hand holds the lady’s right hand. The hand-hold should be loose at all times to allow freedom of movement. As in all types of dancing the man leads and the lady follows his movements.

The following patterns are based on a simple 6-beat – slow (2 beats), slow (2), quick (1 beat), quick (1) – sequence: The man leads with his left foot. He takes a small step to the left [slow], then transfers his weight in a small step to the right [slow]. He then takes 2 quick steps, backsteps with the left then forward with the right [quick, quick]. The 6-beat pattern then re-commences with the man leading again with his left foot.

The lady does the same but mirrors her partner’s movements. She takes a small step with her right foot, transfers her weight to the left, then takes 2 quick steps, a short step back on the right then forward with the left. Once this is mastered – and you’ll find it is easier than it may appear in text – the dancers can concentrate on what is really important when dancing the jive – keeping to the beat of the music and putting on a real show.